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1. Website Content

The author offers no guarantee that the information contained in this website is up to date, correct, or complete, or that it meets any specific standard of quality. Liability claims against the author relating to financial or non-financial losses occasioned by the use or non-use of the information contained therein, or by the use of information that is defective or incomplete, are categorically excluded, except solely in the case that proof can be made of culpable intent or gross negligence on the part of the author.

All information supplied is offered subject to alteration and without obligation. All offers and tenders are non-binding and subject to confirmation. The author expressly reserves the right to alter, supplement, suppress, or discontinue the publication of one or more pages of the website, or of the website in its entirety, whether temporarily or permanently, without giving prior or individual notice.
2. Links and Cross References

In the case of any direct or indirect link made from this website to an external website (hyperlink) outside the area controlled by the author, liability can be attributed solely in the event that the author had knowledge of the content of said website and that it would have been technically possible, and could reasonably have been expected, for him to prevent access to said website if its content was illegal. The author hereby affirms that, at the time such links were created, no illegal content was in evidence on the websites to which the links were established. The author has no influence over the present or future formulation, content, or authorship of any external pages to which this website is linked or otherwise connected, and therefore explicitly rejects any association with all content of any linked or otherwise connected site that may have been altered after the link was established.

The above declaration applies to all links and connections situated within this, the author’s own website, and equally to external contributions to guest books, discussion forums, link lists, mailing lists and all other kinds of database, established by the author, to which external access can be made. Liability for illegal, defective, or incomplete content, and in particular for any loss arising from the use or non-use of information thus presented, lies with the provider of the page to which link or connection was made, and not with the provider of the link that gives access to the published information.

3. Copyright and Registered Trademarks

The author of this website has made every effort to respect the copyright of all photos, graphics, audio documents, video sequences, and texts of which use has been made, or else to make use of such materials as are of his own authorship or are in the public domain. All trademarks and brand names appearing in the information presented in the website, and that may be protected by a third party, are unrestrictedly subject to the provisions of the relevant legal trademark registration and to the ownership rights of the registered owner: even when a trademark is merely mentioned in a website text this trademark continues to be protected by the rights of the third party. Copyright for all published material provided by the author is reserved exclusively to the author of the site. No reproduction or reworking of such graphics, audio documents, video sequences, and texts in other electronic or printed publications is permitted without the explicit permission of the author.

4. Data Protection

In cases where opportunity is provided for personal or business data (email addresses, names, postal addresses) to be submitted to the website, the submission of such information by the user of the website takes place on an explicitly voluntary basis. The utilisation and payment of all services offered is permitted (as far as is reasonably and technically possible) without such information having to be submitted, or else by the use of anonymised data or of a pseudonym. The use by third parties of contact data thereby made publicly available (postal addresses, telephone or fax numbers, or email addresses) as recipients of information is not permitted unless such information has been specifically requested.
5. Legal Validity of Disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be regarded as forming part of the internet information comprised in this website. Should any other part or individual component of this website be found not to be accord with the applicable legal statutes, or to be no longer or not fully in accordance with them, the remaining parts of the document shall remain unaffected in both their content and their validity. 

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