Solnhofer Portland Zementwerke GmbH & Co. KG

Renovation of Heat Exchanger for Newly-Installed Bypass Mixing Chamber


The clients (Solnhofer Portland Zementwerke GmbH & Co KG) had planned the rebuilding of the heat exchanger: a new steel tower was to be erected over the rotary kiln to bear the additional weight of a newly-installed bypass bowl and its associated fans, pipes, travelling beams etc.

The steel tower is fitted with steel platforms at heights of 14.00 metres, 17.00 metres, and 23.00 metres. These platforms bear, in addition to a live load of 10kN per sq. metre, the weight of the installed equipment: fans, the bypass bowl, pipelines etc.

Engineering Services Provided:

  • Appraisal
  • Preliminary Planning (with regard to Plant Design)
  • Pre-Dimensioning of Components
  • Fire Protection Concept
  • Structural Calculations for Construction of Steel Components, Foundation Work, and Verification of Existing Structure of Heat Exchanger Tower
  • Determine Specifications for Steelwork and Foundations
  • Supervision of Steelwork
  • Creation of Plans for Shell and Reinforcement Elements of Foundations Concrete Work
  • Associate Construction Supervision
  • Coordination of Construction Work (in Cooperation with Client)

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